Beginning July 1, 2021, members of Broadmoor Baptist Church will receive 6 free counseling sessions per calendar year.  Broadmoor members will pay $20 per session for each additional session for the remainder of the calendar year.


Non-members are charged a sliding fee based on income and some forms of insurance are accepted.  Please inquire when scheduling if your insurance is accepted.


We want you to receive help regardless of your financial situation. Special arrangements will be made for non-members whose ability to pay has been compromised by their life circumstance.

It is difficult to predict the number of sessions needed to maximize counseling. After the initial consultation and after having identified and gained insight into the Client's situation, it will be easier to make a better assessment of the number of sessions needed. 

Both Client and counselor will mutually agree upon the number of sessions to be provided in counseling. An assessment will be made at the end of those mutually agreed upon sessions to determine if further counseling is needed. Any further counseling sessions will be mutually agreed upon by both Client and therapist at that time.

SPECIAL NOTE: All clients (Broadmoor members and non-members) seeking counseling for gambling addiction will be charged a flat fee of $85 per session. 



Contract therapists are available for sessions after 5:00pm and on Fridays.

A flat fee of $40.00 for BBC members and $75.00 for non-members for all sessions.




A Member is defined as anyone who has joined Broadmoor Baptist Church by decision of salvation in Jesus Christ, followed Him in believer's baptism, attended a Discover Broadmoor class, and been accepted for membership by the church as a whole OR has joined Broadmoor Baptist Church through the transfer of letter from another Southern Baptist Church, attended a Discover Broadmoor class, and been accepted for membership by the church as a whole.



Fees are assessed on a sliding scale based on the Client’s annual gross household income. Please see the Fee Scale below for information concerning fees, payment requirements, and charges for missed appointments. 

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Checks should be made payable to Broadmoor Baptist Church. Credit / Debit Cards are accepted (A Convenience Fee or 3% will be charged). Insurance is accepted (In-Network Provider Only).  You are responsible for any payment denied by your insurance provider.


Services are by appointment only. Because the appointment is reserved for you, it is necessary to charge for appointments that are not canceled 24-hours in advance (charged at 50% of the usual fee). Failure to provide 24-hour notice of cancellation generally means that some other person is not able to use that appointment time. 


The length of the therapy hour is approximately 45-50 minutes.


Unless otherwise agreed to by the therapist, accounts in arrears over two (2) sessions will result in the cessation of therapy until the outstanding balance is made current.




Total Gross Household Income Fee per session:


$20,000 and under: $35.00 

$20,001 - $30,000: $45.00

$30,001 - $40,000: $55.00

$40,001 - $55,000: $65.00 

$55,001 - $70,000: $75.00

$70,001 and over: $85.00


  • All fees are to be paid at the time of service.
  • Checks should be made payable to Broadmoor Baptist Church.
  • Credit / Debit Cards are accepted. (A Convenience Fee of 3% will be charged)
  • Insurance payments are accepted for In-Network Provider only. 
  • Clients are responsible for any payment denied by insurance provider.
  • Both the therapist and the Client will have the right to negotiate fees within the above limits due to changes in financial status.





Phone calls made after hours will be handled by voice mail and returned the following business day. 


Since The Thomas C. Pennell Christian Counseling Center is for outpatient counseling services only, we cannot guarantee 24-hour availability.

If you should experience an emotional or behavioral crisis and cannot reach your therapist immediately by telephone, you and your family members are instructed to call 911 or LSU Health Sciences Emergency Line at (318) 675-6893 or go to your nearest emergency room. 


Calls that are returned at the request of the Client which pertain to treatment issues will be billed at the rate of $2.00 per minute, billed in 15 minute blocks, minimum charge of $30 per call.



Fees associated with testing, written treatment summaries, consultations, or other special services will be outlined upon request.